Best Value Heavy Drill Press : Central-Machinery 20 Inch Floor Mount Drill Press Reviewed

Central-Machinery 20 inch Floor Mount Drill Press
Central-Machinery 20 inch Floor Mount Drill Press

The Central-Machinery 20″ Floor Mount Drill Press is the least expensive model in its class. With such a negative stereotype around its neck you might think the Central-Machinery Drill Press would land at the bottom of the rankings for floor mounted drill presses.

Fortunately for the consumer, Central-Machinery has produced a solid product that is so much cheaper than its competitors that it should be the go-to floor mounted drill for almost all users. The Central-Machinery 20 Inch Drill Press has every feature you need in a floor mounted drill and it is the lowest price you can pay.

The Central-Machinery Drill Press is built on a stout cast iron base. The table and head of the drill press are also made of cast iron. The geared chuck is easy to manipulate and rack-and-pinion movement makes table adjustment very quick. The table can be rotated a full 360 degree rotation and the tilt goes to 45 degrees to the left and right.

With a 13.5 amp motor the Central-Machinery 20 Inch Drill Press maxes out at 3,865 RPM. That provides plenty of force for woods, plastics, and most metals. The oil reservoir and drip nozzle on the Central-Machinery 20″ Drill Press provide the lubrication needed for the heavy duty tasks commonly done on floor mounted drills.

Consumers have positive feedback about the Central-Machinery Drill Press line. The drill press is noted for its sturdiness and accuracy. There is a reported issue with the oil reservoir leaking, but it seems that can be fixed by applying extra sealant. As with any floor mounted drill press the Central-Machinery 20 Inch Drill Press is quite heavy with 260lbs of cast iron and steel.

If you are in the market for a floor mounted drill press you should take a look at the Central-Machinery Drill Press first. Make sure you need to spend the extra money on a more expensive floor mounted drill before you choose a different model than the the Central-Machinery Drill Press.