Portable and Strong : The Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool Reviewed

The Leatherman Crunch is your best option if you need torque from your pocket multi-tool.

For two years I worked as the maintenance man for an apartment complex. The only tool I consistently carried with me was my traditional style Leatherman. Every other tool at my disposal was either in the shop or the golf cart.

I had the Leatherman with the needle nose pliers. They were great for most circumstances, but the wrench action of the pliers just wasn’t right for many situations.

So, I was quite jealous when I first started reviewing the Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool and realized how much torque and control the tool allows you to gain. The Leatherman Crunch has vice grip like pliers system which sets it apart from traditional pocket multi-tools. The pliers do have to be attached to the handle after you unfold the tool, but that action becomes very quick with a few minutes of practice. The pliers on the the Leatherman Crunch provide an impressive amount of strength for their size.

The Leatherman Crunch tool provides all the great accessories you expect from a Leatherman Multi-Tool. The Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool is equipped with a bottle opener, ruler, lanyard attachment, hard-wire cutters, locking serrated knife, file,hex bit driver, Phillips screwdriver, 3 slotted screwdrivers, and a wire wire stripper.

The true advantage of the Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool is the vice grip style pliers . If you are in a position where you need real wrenching strength in your pocket-tool, then the Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool is your best choice on the market.

The Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool receives high-marks for durability and construction. The tool has been on the market for many years now and the customers have reported time and again that this is a solid and reliable tool. The Leatherman Crunch’s all stainless construction and 25-year warranty reinforce the tool’s reputation as tough and dependable.

At 4 inches wide and with 6 ounces of weight the Leatherman Crunch is a true pocket tool. I’ve carried it loose in my pocket and I’ve found it does not cause discomfort from weight or bulk. I don’t care for belt holsters myself, so the loose pocket test is an important measure for me.

The vice grip style pliers Leatherman Crunch have a trim width; so, you still have the flexibility to work with small parts as you do with the needle noose pliers found on traditional pocket multi-tools.

If your go-to pocket tool needs a bit for torque look into the Leatherman Crunch. It will give you more grip and not cost you anything in terms of quality and portability.