Rockwell 4 1/2 inch Compact Circular Saw – Portability combined with high performance

The Rockwell 4 1/2 inch Compact Circular Saw is a lightweight saw with a lot of muscle

Rockwell 4 1/2 inch Compact Circular Saw is a lightweight saw with a lot of muscle. This high performance saw can perfectly substitute the typical cumbersome and heavy 7 1/4 inch circular saw . It is almost half the weight of its big brother and despite being small and compact in size can perform the tasks of the bigger saw with complete ease. Ideally suited for professionals and DIYers, it is designed to cut up to 2” thick materials. 

Its smaller size enables better control and adds to the ease of handling.  The small tool weighs just 5 lbs and is capable of matching the full capacity of the conventional circular saw with its speed of 3500 RPM at no load. It just requires 5 amps power supply to get started. The small size adds to the compactness that makes it easy to move around with even at overhead positions –   a feature that makes it a must have for workshops and individuals alike. The slim-line grip design offers better comfort for users who are able to exercise better control and balance the tool conveniently.

The cutting capacity of the tool has been greatly enhanced by providing maximum blade clearance that allows the 4 1/2 inch blade to cut effortlessly 2x4materials in single pass. The left handed blade design facilitates better cutting line visibility that adds to the comfort of the user as it assures more accuracy in cutting.  The small blade being thinner, it is half the thickness of the larger circular saw, puts less stress on the motor and enables effortless smoothness in cutting that matches with the performance of the conventional 7 1/4 inch circular saw. The saw can cut up to a depth of 1 11/16 inches when held vertically at right angles (90o) and for bevel cutting at 45o it can reach up to 11/8 inch.

The tool is also equipped with a dust port that is built into the design  to help users to maintain a clean workplace.  By connecting a vacuum cleaner to the port, the dust particles that generate from cutting are sucked away instantly so that the workplace remains clean. This eco-friendly measure also increases the quality of the environmental air at the workplace that remains healthy. 

The ">Rockwell 4 1/2 inch Compact Circular Saw comes with a 24 tooth Carbide tipped blade, a vacuum adapter, a parallel guide and a hex key.

The unit comes with a 3 year warranty and a unique 30 days money back guarantee that is applicable on direct purchases n from the company only.  To facilitate returns, the Rockwell return label that is provided in the packing has to be utilized.

The price tag and construction of the unit proved to be very good. The ">Rockwell 4 1/2 inch Compact Circular Saw assures of complete satisfaction to buyers of giving the best value for money in buying saws.