A Budget Disappointment : The Force 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Drill Reviewed

The  is designed as a budget cordless drill for homeowners. Unfortunately, upon review it seems this drill is a poor choice for its target audience. The is rightfully in the lowest price bracket for cordless drills. Because it is a cheaper drill it is expected to have lower quality parts and less features than an average cordless drill. However, the … Read more

Should You Rent or Buy a Tool?

There is often internal debate between buying a moderately expensive tool and renting the same tool when the occasion for it arises. Sometimes even once you decide to rent a tool the rental price has you eyeing a cheaper or used model model to purchase. Generally speaking, if renting the tool is on your radar you should … Read more

What to Look for in an Oscillating Multi-Tool

The oscillating multi-tool is the workhorse of detail work. Multi-tools make tasks like tile removal, detail cutting, and precision grinding easier. get their force and functionality from the short rhythmic movement, or oscillation, the tool head produces. Detail work is a favorite task for oscillating multi-tools because the limited range of motion in tool oscillation produces very slight … Read more